Winding Down Another Term

First, Happy Independence Day to my readers in the USA! Hope you all have a fantastic time at your cookouts, family gatherings, fireworks, and all the fantastic fun July 4th entails! Here we are again, at the end of another term at SNHU. This term I tackled “Speculative Fiction I” and “The Publishing Ecosystem”. IContinue reading “Winding Down Another Term”

The Importance of the Critique

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here in the US, and in West Virginia, today is Father’s Day, and it’s also West Virginia Day, so were celebrating double today. I managed to marry a fantastic man who is also a fantastic father to our son. So, to my sweet hubs Chris, I hope you have a fantastic Father’sContinue reading “The Importance of the Critique”

Motivation and Critique

Now that life’s a little more calm at Marcum Manor, we can get back to the regular grind of things. School, work, home – lather, rinse, repeat. Between wrangling assignments, wrangling co-workers, and wrangling family members (both of the un-fuzzy and fuzzy variety), I stay pretty exhausted most of the time. That’s okay, though. HowContinue reading “Motivation and Critique”

Brought to you by…the Letter B!

This week, we have an abbreviated post because it’s been another busy week at Marcum Manor – we’ve had schoolwork and a birthday, and I worked 3 day this week, too! So, without further adieu.. The reason this post is brought to you by the letter “B” is that my son turned 19 on MayContinue reading “Brought to you by…the Letter B!”

A Whole New World (Kind Of…)

It’s been a pretty good and pretty productive week here at Marcum Manor. I’ve mad some significant progress on The Loneborn (I’m up over 7,000 words! Yippee!), I managed to not just get my schoolwork done but done early, AND we’ve got my son’s birthday weekend celebration planned and in place for next weekend! I’mContinue reading “A Whole New World (Kind Of…)”