Preparing for the Storm

First, all you up there in the path of Hurricane Henri, best of luck, stay safe, and I hope you’ve got all you need to ride out the coming storm. You guys are on my mind!

I’ve got another kind of storm on the horizon – one filled with chaos and being busy and WAY too much to do. But, I think I’m getting there, and I think I’m just about ready.

In an effort to expand my horizons (and my reputation as a writer, storyteller, and literary community activist) I’ve been working on creating a writer’s workshop for the language arts students at Southern WV Community and Technical College. I’ll be hosting the workshop portion for three days, and on the fourth day I’ll be giving a public lecture on storytelling and fiction writing in Appalachia. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever hosted anything like this, and I’m pretty excited about it – and pretty nervous, too!

I have been writing lately, and I have a couple of new pieces. I’ve been submitting my piece that won the WV Writers competition to literary magazines. So far I’ve gotten one “no” and I’m still waiting on a response for the second submission. I’ve written a piece called “The Long-Term Consequences of Couple’s Therapy, 1977” which I’ll be using in an invitation-only writer’s workshop that I’m participating in. Pretty excited about that, too – and like before, pretty nervous!

In October I’ll be taking part in a signing event at the Haunted Majestic in Huntington, WV on October 30. I’ll be there with a whole crew of HWA WV members, and we’ll be signing books, taking photos, and making friends. I’m really looking forward to it – it’s going to be a really fantastic time!

So…if you’re anywhere near Huntington, WV on October 30, I hope I get to see you there! Let me know that you follow my blog!

In the midst of all this I’m still plugging away at the novel WIP and my schoolwork, and it’s almost swim season again, and argh… Take it as it comes, I suppose. One step, one day at a time.

You guys have a fantastic week ahead, and keep writing!

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