How to Stretch Your Creative Muscles When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Writers write – it’s the foundation of what those who produce prose of any type build upon. But what happens when the muse simply won’t sing? How do you keep going when you feel like you’ve got nowhere to go? There are a thousand different methods espoused on a thousand different blogs to remedy thisContinue reading “How to Stretch Your Creative Muscles When You’re Feeling Uninspired”

Why Does It Matter?

So, I know that on “Workin’ On It Wednesday” I said that this Sunday I would talk about the writer’s toolbox (and believe me, we’ll get to it eventually), but I think I want to address something that’s been on my mind all week. But first… As of this writing, the word count for theContinue reading “Why Does It Matter?”

An Update, and A Sneak Peek

This week has been a difficult one in the Marcum household. On Tuesday, my beloved mother-in-law passed away. She had been ill for quite a long time, and due to COVID we had not visited in a while, but it doesn’t make it any easier. If anything, an expected death when you didn’t have aContinue reading “An Update, and A Sneak Peek”