Time and Why There’s Not Enough of It

Yes, I’ve been absent a bit. I know. I decided a bit ago that it was best I focus on finishing the MFA and unfortunately, that meant putting A LOT of the things I enjoy on the backburner for a bit. That included this blog and to some extent, the website as well. It meant that I had to give up coaching (the MFA isn’t the SOLE reason I had to give it up, but one of the reasons), and I had to learn to say “no” to a lot of the requests I received.

Which means…if I said “yes” to you in the last twelve months or so, count yourself both special and lucky. My time these days is exceptionally valuable and short, and if I’ve given over some of that time then you must be one of the chosen lucky few. Enjoy it.

This entry is to let you know that I am still here, but give me just a little while longer. The end of May is the end of the degree, and then I have some medical issues that I’m going to have to deal with, but hopefully after that I will be free and clear to devote a lot more time to the development of this website and blog, as well as to delve fully into my writing career. I’m looking forward to it, believe me, with great anticipation.

So, stick with me. I’m around, and I’ll be here, and I’m still open to questions, explanations, or anything else you need in the meantime. Can I make a personal appearance? Chances aren’t that good right now. BUT! Watch this space — it’s coming, eventually. I’ve got some pretty cool and exciting things coming down the pipe, so just be patient with me for a little while longer.

Thank you, o patient ones, I appreciate your support!

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