The Loneborn

If it’s the only soul you’ve ever known, how would you know if it wasn’t really yours?

Angus is the son of a woodsman of Riverbend and a mother who is a member of the Free People. His life of happiness is destroyed when, at eight years old, his mother is murdered by “Shady Man”, long before she can explain to him that he is special in ways he could never imagine. Angus is THE LONEBORN – born when no child should be and with a soul intended for the son of the Empress of the Twilight Lands – and with powers of the mind and the elements that he has no idea how to access.

At the urging of Riverbend’s wise woman, and to keep safe the rest of his family from Shady Man, Angus sets out with his best friend and adopted brother Pike on an adventure across both human and fae realms to confront the Empress to keep his soul firmly where it belongs – within his own body. Along the way Angus and Pike enlist the help of Izola, a Stonehollow waymaker, Harasa, a “death maiden” of the Caladh an Anama, and a clurichaun named Rory.

THE LONEBORN will take you across Egradland, an alternate version of the British Isles in the mid-1500s where fairy tales and fairy creatures from the folklore of England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland are all too real. They people a land full of magic and adventure with the most precious things imaginable on the line – the soul of a young man, and the safety of his family.